Author: Dr. Fred Chay

The Nature of Death

Here is a sneak preview of our new book, A Defense of Free Grace Theology. It is an academic and pastoral response to Dr. Wayne Grudem’s critique of Free Grace theology.

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Sharing God’s Grace at FGA

Greetings, I wish you could join me right now at the Free Grace Alliance Conference in Dallas, Texas. This week (Mon-Wed), the FGA will provide a variety of plenary speakers, including Dr. Dave Anderson (President of Grace School of Theology), Drs. Jody Dillow and Roger Fankhauser (both adjunct professors of Grace School of Theology) as well as a host of other speakers and workshop presenters. Grace Theology Press will be selling a variety of books including our latest book, A Defense of Free Grace Theology with Respect to Saving Faith, Perseverance and Assurance. This is a 630-page academic work that is aimed at...

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Always Be Ready to Make a Defense

A primary purpose of Grace Theology Press is to provide theological resources to the church to clarify theological issues of the day. We are looking forward to the publication of our newest release: A Defense of Free Grace Theology: With Respect to Saving Faith, Perseverance and Assurance. We anticipate it being available for the Free Grace Alliance National Conference in Dallas next month. You will also be able to order it here on the Grace Theology Press website as well.

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