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Free Grace Magnifies the Gospel, Dr. Fred Chay, Grace School of Theology

Defending Our Hope

Free Grace Theology has always been under scrutiny or attack by reformed theologians. Many of you are familiar with the latest critique by reformed theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem in his book, Free Grace Theology: Five Ways It Diminishes the Gospel, Crossway Books 2016. It is a short creedal attack on all things Free Grace. The Free Grace community has responded with a variety of articles or reviews, but there is a new book that has been written with the catchy title Free Grace Theology: 5 Ways it Magnifies the Gospel. It includes chapters by Drs. Jody Dillow, Roger Fankhauser, Charlie Bing, Jeremy Edmonson, and Grant Hawley, who also serves as the editor of the book, which is published by Bold Grace Ministries. I would encourage you to buy this book to hear a helpful presentation of the Free Grace Theology defining elements. This book is not a point-counterpoint critique of Dr. Grudem, but it does interact with some of his arguments.

I would also like to make you aware that we at Grace School of Theology and Grace Theology Press are close to publishing a book that will engage Dr. Grudem on many of his points of disagreement with our theology. It is written for pastors, seminary students and theologians, and we hope to provide a clear exegetical, theological and historical refutation of Dr. Grudem’s concerns.

I ask you all to pray that the Lord would use these theological resources to clarify and convince our reformed brothers and sisters of the error of their theological way. I also ask that you pray that the Lord would use these theological resources to provide clarity and conviction for the Free Grace community and provide a defense for the hope that is in us.

Serving Him with you
Until He comes for us,
Fred Chay, PhD
Managing Editor,
Grace Theology Press

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