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Grace Theology Press Blog: Why It Is Needed

Grace Theology Press Blog: Why It Is Needed

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Grace Theology Press Blog.

Birthed from a desire to provide engaging and relevant theological resources, Grace Theology Press is the academic imprint of Grace School of Theology. In a world where many pronounce that, “truth is relative,” Grace Theology Press proclaims and holds fast to the absolute truth of God’s Word. We are passionate about engaging the next generation of ministry leaders with books and resources that are grounded in the principles of free grace and clear truth, which offers a gift you cannot earn and a gift you can never lose.

Grace Theology Press provides resources that benefit the scholarly world such as Free Grace Soteriology (Revised Edition) by Dr. Dave Anderson and Final Destiny (Revised Edition by Dr. Jody Dillow. We also produce resources for pastors and Christian leaders such as Bewitched: The Rise of Neo-Galatianism by Dr. Dave Anderson and Going for the Gold (Revised Bible Study Edition) by Dr. Joe Wall.  Dr. Charlie Bing’s new book entitled Grace, Salvation, and Discipleship was just released. We also are producing books to help facilitate maturity in the Christian life such as Companions with Christ by Jeremy Vance and one of our newest books, God’s Grace for Daughters of Eve by Sandra Abbott.

The purpose of the GTP Blog is to provide awareness of issues that are impacting the church regarding the doctrine of grace around the world. We desire to bring awareness about resources that are biblically accurate and culturally relevant that are published through Grace Theology Press and will prepare pastors and leaders to defend the doctrine of justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

We hope to provide for you each week theological commentary regarding issues and resources through a variety of book and periodical reviews.  We also desire to produce interviews with Christian leaders in the academic arena and the ministerial world that will give perspective to the issues of today and prepare us as to how we can give a reason for the hope within us.

We anticipate and pray that the Lord Jesus will be honored by the GTP Blog and that you will find it a help as you seek to experience and proclaim the Glorious Grace of God.

Serving Him with you
Until He comes for us,

Fred Chay, PhD
Managing Editor
Grace Theology Press