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Grace Theology Press, Grace,

Language is the Dress of Thought

Today, as never before, technology is providing the telecommunication of the truth of Grace around the world. Grace School of Theology is experiencing this in an exciting and exponential way. Our international student base is rapidly growing and the Lord is opening up “ministry fields” in countries such as Cuba, Pakistan, Nepal, Russia and Colombia. Fortunately, the seminary board and administration have planned for such a time as this. Our commitment to technology, including both cutting edge hardware and software and our excellent technical support team, has allowed us to reach students in more than twenty countries.

We truly are a Seminary to the World, for our vision is: To develop spiritual leaders in every nation who can teach others about the love of Christ, a love that cannot be earned and cannot be lost.

Cultures exist to a large degree because of language and laws; messages with meaningful and mandated mores. For Grace Theology Press, that means we need to meet the needs of students and pastors in foreign countries through translation work. At present, we have three of our theological books being translated into Spanish and one into German. We have recently had two into Russian and one into Nepalese.

Just as Latin was lingua franca in the ancient Roman empire of the first century, in our modern twenty first century, English functions much the same as the container of oral and written communication. However, if it is true as Rita Brown states, “Language is the roadmap of culture. It tells you where a people came from and where they are going,” then we want Grace Theology Press to be where they go. And if as Samuel Johnson declared, “Language is the dress of thought,” then we want the gospel of Grace and of our Lord Jesus Christ dressed up so He can be adorned fully and be displayed in all His glory.

Serving Him with you
Until He comes for us,
Fred Chay, PhD
Managing Editor,
Grace Theology Press