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Grace, Grace Theology Press, Dr. Fred Chay

Can the Grace of God Truly Reach Them?

One of my former students was a radical Muslim and is now a radical Christian. I had him come to our church last weekend to present a conference on Islam. He spoke of the historical roots, present day plans and future dreams of Islam. He also taught us how to reach a Muslim for Jesus.

The world population is over 6 billion, and 1.6 billion of them (twenty-five percent) are Muslims! It seems to me that this fact results in two responses from people. First, it can be frightening and terrifying given that many of these people (5 percent of them–800,000) are radicalized jihadists and have been and continue to be involved in terribly wicked and barbaric behavior. The second response should be to pray for spiritual maturity, motivation, and a strategic methodology to reach this religious people group.

The theological backbone that drives Islam is the total absence of grace and the abundance of legalism. If ever a group of people needed the Free Grace message, it is those who are held in the grip of Islam. The word Islam means submission. To be called a Muslim means you are a follower of Islam, are truly in submission to the religion, but are in fact in bondage to the great Satan who seeks to destroy.

My friend and I have been dialoguing on a future book with Grace Theology Press that will be helpful in educating the church and its leadership in ways to reach and teach Muslims about the glorious grace of God and the gospel of Jesus.

It does not matter if a person is a religious zealot or an uninterested atheist. Whether they are from the first or the twenty-first century, we are to manifest the music of the gospel and make known the message of the gospel. We are to love authentically and live wisely as we biblically lead people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

You may be asking yourself. What can I do? What should I do? What will I do?

First, pray for the Lord to reach this group of people with the truth of His good news.

Second, pray for ministries that specialize in reaching Muslims, such as CIRA International.

Third, pray that the Lord would lead you to be ready to share your faith with someone who comes into your world today or tomorrow, no matter who it is or what they believe.

Serving Him with you
Until He comes for us,
Fred Chay, PhD
Managing Editor
Grace Theology Press