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Grace Theology Press, Grace, Fred Chay

The Reason For Our Resources

GRACE THEOLOGY PRESS is committed to providing timely theological resources that teach timeless theological truth. This involves three pillars of study.

First is the foundation of “Exegesis.” The term comes from two words that mean “to lead out.” It is fundamental that we submit ourselves to the text and allow the text to speak for itself, for textual intent will give us authorial intent, which alone is inspired and inerrant for all time, never changing with the times. Exegesis involves both principles and procedures for arriving at the meaning of the text. This is coupled ever so closely with hermeneutics, which provides principles of interpretation. Together we arrive at the understanding and meaning of the text.

Second is “Exposition.” This is the presentation of the biblical truth gained from the sound principles of hermeneutics and the solid procedures of exegesis. It is the solid preaching and teaching of the inspired word of God.

Like a farmer who grows the seed and grinds the grain, and the cook who makes the grain into bread to feed the people, so exegesis excavates the truth, while exposition explains the truth. The two must go together.

Finally, truth must not be separated; it must be correlated. Analysis must always lead to synthesis. This is how the mind works and how the Bible is presented. The word of God is not a messy mass of material but a masterful message from the mind of God. This is the task of theology. The integrating of all truth allows us to prepare and present the revelation of the mind of God to the receptive mind of man through illumination, a ministry of the Holy Spirit, regarding all of life in the present and eternal life in eternity.

GTP provides resources for all three of these disciplines. Let me provide some examples. Regarding exegesis, Portraits of Righteousness is both an exegetical and expositional feast of Romans 5-8. Skilled exposition is seen in Dr. Dave Anderson’s exposition of Galatians in Bewitched and First John in Maximum Joy. Jeremy Vance’s book Companions with Christ is an exposition of the Book of Hebrews.

In terms of theological studies, we have the final edition of Final Destiny by Dr. Jody Dillow, which represents a lifetime of scholarship and dedication. Also, the most exegetically detailed Free Grace theology book on Soteriology has been authored by Dr. Dave Anderson, Free Grace Soteriology.  The most recent resource of GTP is the contribution by Dr. Charlie Bing, entitled Grace, Salvation and Discipleship. This is both a theological analysis and an exposition of the Bible regarding problem passages and how they are to be interpreted clearly and consistently.

These are just a few of the resources that we offer to help guide pastors, missionaries, leaders, and the church in hopes of presenting biblically accurate and culturally relevant truth that can transform and conform us to the image of Jesus.

I invite you to look over our growing list of resources at the GTP store.

Serving Him with you
Until He comes for us,
Fred Chay, PhD
Managing Editor,
Grace Theology Press