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While nearly all branches of Christianity would lay claim to grace as the primary foundation for our future in heaven, there is wide divergence of opinion on just what that means. The understanding of grace among different factions within Christianity depends heavily on one’s understanding of justification, regeneration, sanctification, repentance, faith, and other biblical topics presented in this textbook. The author holds that grace is free, not in the sense of being cheap or easy, but as a free gift (Eph 2:9) with no strings attached, in contrast to Arminian or Calvinistic soteriology which add requirements on the “front end” or “back end” of salvation.

The Free Grace position is a biblical alternative to these systems of soteriology and is presented as a corollary of dispensationalism, affirming that God’s “so great salvation” is absolutely free.

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  • Publisher: : Grace Theology Press
  • Publication Year: : 2012
  • ISBN: : 0988411202

About The Author


Dr. Anderson and his wife, Betty, have pastored in the Houston area for thirty years and have helped to plant eight churches. Dr. Anderson served as the Senior Pastor at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands, Texas, for eighteen years. During that time he also served as an Adjunct Professor for Dallas Theological Seminary, teaching in three different departments (Greek New Testament, Bible Exposition, and Theology). He has been an Adjunct Professor for Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary and taught graduate courses in several other foreign countries. Dr. Anderson was the founder and president of the Greater Houston Bible Church Association, which is a cooperative effort of churches in the association to reach Greater Houston with the gospel. Dr. Anderson is also one of the founders of the Free Grace Alliance. He is also the founder and president of Grace School of Theology, a Houston-based seminary with teaching locations throughout the state of Texas and online. In addition to his presidential responsibilities, Dr. Anderson teaches at Grace in the areas of theology and Biblical languages. He is the author of Maximum Joy, an exposition of First John, and Free Grace Soteriology.