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In the next age, will all who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ fare the same? Are the roles, responsibilities, privileges and rewards for all believers identical in the coming age? If there are differences, by what criteria are they established? Does the level of a believer’s commitment as a disciple in this life matter? Moreover, what do Jesus and the writers of the New Testament have to say regarding this topic?The answers to these questions may be unfamiliar to most, since they are rarely heard from the pulpits of today’s churches, and just as infrequently addressed in Sunday school classes.

Combining relevant Bible passages with everyday illustrations, the author provides insight into New Testament exhortations whose meaning and application have been obscured or perhaps forgotten. His conclusions are likely to be surprising, and may create for the reader an entire new perspective of his current walk with Christ, as well as his eternal life.

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Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.3 in


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  • Publisher: : Grace Theology Press
  • Publication Year: : 2016
  • ISBN: : 0996561447

About The Author


Tom Lancaster grew up in the south Texas town of Port Lavaca. He attended Rice University in Houston and has his own architectural practice in The Woodlands, Texas. He enjoys drawing, writing, outdoor activities, and winning games played against his oldest (and very competitive) grandchild. Tom assists in teaching the Bible to inmates at the Ferguson Unit near Midway, Texas, and is on the board of advisers for Grace School of Theology. He and his wife, Gay, have been married for 39 years.