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Martin Luther was the first since Paul to express it: simul iustus et peccator—simultaneously just and a sinner. It seems like a paradox. For anyone who has wondered how he can be one of God’s children and still be so far from being like Jesus, this is the book for you. As you read it, may your changing Condition come into even closer conformity to your unchanging Position.

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A Labor Day Celebration: Not By Works

Labor Day is a day we celebrate by ceasing from Labor. Many will enjoy a time or relaxation and a BBQ. For Christians, every day is the celebration of Labor day in that we celebrate that we have ceased from Labor in order to be saved. It is a free gift...

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Are You Experiencing Maximum Joy?

One of the most frequent questions in theological studies as well as from people in the pew has to do with the meaning and purpose of 1 John. I received just such a question this past week. The answer that I often hear in the pulpit and read in...

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Position and Condition

After the magisterial exegetical commentary by Dr. Harold Hohner on the Book of Ephesians, most thought that it was the last word on all things Ephesian. But although it is the best technical exegetical commentary on the book of Ephesians, let...

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