Author: Beau Stanley

Free Grace: A Powerful Resource for Disciple Making

For some, it might seem strange that a man whose title is Pastor of Training and Spiritual Growth would be as involved as I am in catalyzing people to reach the lost. After all, Grace Polaris has articulated the four purposes of our local church as Worship (upward), Community (inward), Training (forward), and Witness (outward). Those familiar with the evangelical approach to church might logically surmise that my role as point person in our Training purpose would lead me to focus on the edification of believers, while those assigned to our Witness purpose would mobilize believers for evangelism. Some...

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The Intersection of Eschatology and Soteriology in John Piper’s Theology

Introduction No matter what one’s view is of the teaching ministry of John Piper, we can affirm that Dr. Piper is consistent in his teaching. This writer finds many positive contributions in his books to help a Christian deal with a range of common struggles and sins (e.g., bitterness, impatience, pride, etc.), and especially insightful in the book Future Grace is the discussion of how Jesus fought despondency throughout His hours of difficulty. With all of these positive contributions, it is unfortunate Dr. Piper adopts the position that there is no heaven without an ambiguously defined practical holiness: I...

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Grace Theology Press interviews Dr. Joe Wall, Director of Training Partnerships, East-West Ministries International

Grace Theology Press interviews Dr. Joe Wall Director of Training Partnerships, East-West Ministries International Introduction: Dr. Joe Wall has pastored several churches in Texas, including Grace Bible Church of College Station, Spring Branch Community Church (renamed Bridgepoint Bible Church), and Cypress Bible Church. He has also served as the Academic Dean of Dallas Bible College, President of Colorado Christian University, and was a part of the founding team of the College of Biblical Studies in Houston. For the past twenty years, he has served in numerous leadership positions with East-West Ministries International, including Executive Vice President of Field Ministries...

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Grace Theology Press interviews Dr. Roger Fankhauser, President of the Free Grace Alliance

Grace Theology Press interviews Dr. Roger Fankhauser President of the Free Grace Alliance Introduction: Roger and Debbie Fankhauser met and were married in Puyallup, Washington (south of Seattle). They married in 1974 and have five children (counting the daughters-in-law!) and seven grandchildren. Matt, his wife Christina, and their chidlren Lily and Ryan live in Phoenix, as does their daughter Emily. Joel, his wife Alice, and their four children, Silas, Micah, Liza, Milli, and Lee live in Bentonville, Arkansas. Before coming to Burleson Bible Church, Roger served as the Senior Pastor of Shreveport Bible Church for 11 years, and then...

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An Interview with Dr. Gary Derickson (Part 3)

Dr. Gary Derickson is Professor of Biblical Studies at Corban University ( in Salem, Oregon, where he has taught for over twenty years. He has published articles in Bibliotheca Sacra, ETS Studies Series, The Master’s Seminary Journal, and The Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society. He contributed to The Nelson’s Complete Study Bible, is co-author of The Disciplemaker: What Matters Most to Jesus (2001) with Dr. Earl Radmacher, and is author of the 1, 2 & 3 John: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary.Dr. Derickson studied Biblical exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary, and earned his Masters of Theology in 1986. He continued...

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