We live in a world of networks. It is almost impossible to be isolated. All of us are connected to people in some way and with today’s technology we all leave a digital imprint and footprint somewhere.

To be human is to be in a relationship. It was that way in the Garden of Eden and it is still true today. One network and nexus of relationships that I would encourage you to become a part of is the Free Grace Alliance. As you have guessed or already know, the FGA is an alliance of folks who hold to a free grace theological perspective.

FGA hosts an annual national conference in Dallas every October and a variety of regional conferences across the nation that allows theologians, pastors, missionaries and other leaders to gather and become informed and inspired of how and what the Lord is doing in our world to spread the gospel of God’s grace. The speakers are excellent and the workshops are very helpful. Grace Theology Press is always there to provide books and updates on the latest theological issues.

As an Alliance, it allows you to get connected to a variety of ministry venues and become aware of opportunities for you to connect with and create ministry synergism both in the USA and internationally. I encourage you to go the FGA website and see what resources are available and what relational opportunities are offered.

May I also prevail upon you to pray for Grace Theology Press. We are close to finishing a new book by Drs. Dave Anderson, Jody Dillow and myself as a critical response to Dr. Wayne Grudem’s critique of free grace theology. Dr Grudem’s book is called, Free Grace Theology: Five Ways It Diminishes the Gospel (Crossway Books). I would ask you to pray that our new book be written with grace and truth, and that it is received by the Free Grace community as a helpful theological resource, and that our reformed brothers would read it and realize what we believe and why we hold to our views.

It will only be by the power of the Holy Spirit that those who hold to Lordship Salvation and an unbalanced doctrine of assurance will ever listen to our views. So please pray for the Lord to open their ears that they may hear and their eyes that they may see. It can happen. It happened to me.

Serving Him with you until He comes for us,
Fred Chay, PhD
Managing Editor, Grace Theology Press