As a seminary professor and publisher, I am committed to the idea that Theology must never be half-hearted or hesitant. The simple reason is that the nature of the subject and the consequences of its study concern nothing less than the Glory of God and the eternal destiny of people.

This being the case, seminary should not be a sanctuary of comfort but a crucible for confronting ideas. The same is true for the publishing of books. The title of Richard Weaver’s 1944 landmark book says it all, “Ideas Have Consequences.” Ideas expressed in words are powerful tools. The fulcrum of a clearly expressed idea can leverage people to action and to change.

Our desire at Grace Theology Press (GTP) is to provide ideas that can lead to change.

Our commitment is to education, not indoctrination. We believe thinking is a good thing and that people should critically consider concepts that might run counter to their thinking. Remember, as James Russell Lowell said, “Only fools and dead people never change their opinion. Fools won’t and the dead can’t.” And wishing to be neither, we must demand the time to think and develop the habit of thought. A good book expressing clear ideas can do just that.

Our goal at GTP is that we heed the advice of Sir Lancelot Andrews who said, “I do not wish to preach what men wish to hear, but what one day they will have wished they would have heard.”

For those who cry out that in today’s book-world we must bow to the pressure of the people and accommodate the desire to be relevant, I say speak and write about things that are eternal and you will always be relevant.

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Serving Him with you until He comes for us,
Fred Chay, PhD
Managing Editor, Grace Theology Press