The State Fair of Texas is always a unique experience. My wife and I went a few weeks ago. We had not been in over 30 years, and this year we qualified for the senior discount. (At least that’s one good thing from getting “older”.)

Food and fun are part of the fair experience, and so I visited one of the many food venues trying to find something not totally deep fried. As I made my selection, the two servers stared at my shirt which had “Grace School of Theology” printed on the front. The older man squinted and stared at me and asked in his raspy, deep, southern voice; “What does that little word mean on your shirt?” I asked, “Which word?” He responded slowly, “That word… Grace.” I said to him, “That word is the reason I’m not going to hell. What about you?! ” He smiled and said – “Amen to that, brother.” The other server, an older woman, chimed in, “Amen, praise God.”

My food selection was not just Texas State Fair soul food, but it was wrapped around a discussion of True Soul Food. And that, my friends, is the Glorious Grace of God.

Daughters of Eve (Web)Grace Theology Press (GTP) is looking to provide Food for the Soul, centered on the Grace of God. The grace of God is seen on every page of the Bible demonstrated in a variety of ways. A new release and resource from GTP is a book of biographies centered on the glorious grace of God in the lives of some biblical women. Listen to how Sandra Abbott describes her new book, God’s Grace for Daughters of Eve:

This delightful devotional holds biblical truths wrapped in a soft smile as lessons learned through the tangles of time are braided into a message of hope for a girl who giggled, a woman who wept, and one who went to war; for the mama by a manger, the well woman, and the beloved bride. God poured His unreasonable kindness into the glitches within their lives. He still does. Just because He can – by His grace and for His glory.

Author Linda Dillow says:

A devotional with depth but also humor. Can the daughter of Eve learn and laugh at the same time? I did, and you will, too! I’m buying this very special devotional this year for every woman on my Christmas list. When you read it, it will be on your Christmas list, too. I highly recommend God’s Grace for Daughters of Eve to you.

This is a good book to help you develop sensitivity to the God of Grace seen not only in the Bible but also in your life. The reflection questions at the end of each chapter make it a helpful resource for small groups.

And now may the God of all grace, who can keep you from falling by the filling of the fullness of the Holy Spirit, bless you this week as you live out and speak of the matchless grace of God, for it is the only hope for a lost and dying world.