The intelligence community has been in the news lately and has revealed to the American public that there are many revelations being disclosed and divulged. Intelligence, in both a governmental agency and an individual mind is a combination of Information and Insight. Information is the raw knowledge, the data points. Insight is the wisdom deduced and extracted from the interpretation of the data.

A good book is built upon information or knowledge that then bequeaths insight for living, which we call wisdom. It is proverbial to note that we live in an “information society.” It is also true what Marshall McLuhan declared, “the medium is the message.” However, it is evident that insight seems to be in short supply. The abundance of knowledge is manufactured through a variety of media outlets, stored in the venerable “Cloud” and retrieved by a variety of electronic devices. But knowledge needs to be framed and focused into insight that can be applied, which we call wisdom.

Most companies have an Information Technology department; “I.T.”   As a theological publishing company, we also have an Insight & Truth department.   For truth is to be discovered not created. At Grace Theology Press, our goal is that each one of our publications better enables the reader to discover and apply truth for the glory of God.

The best books both examine and explain an idea or a truth, and then correlate and apply to life situations. It is our desire to provide books and theological resources that help to discover the truth based on the Word of God, and then demonstrate how this truth impacts our intellectual life and our individual lives all for the glory of God.

Serving Him with you until He comes for us,
Fred Chay, PhD
Managing Editor, Grace Theology Press